What Mothers.PK is all about?

Mothers.PK is a platform for parents in Pakistan to seek knowledge, shop, socialize, consultancy and expert advice. Our aim is to help the parents in Pakistan for daily issues they may encounter regarding their children.

How can we take consultation from your panel?

We have a dedicated Ask an Expert section, where you can find our reliable panel of specialists for consultation. They will guide you through their life experiences and distinct knowledge.

What makes your community for Parenting unique?

Mothers.PK gathers parents with diverse cultures, experiences, and backgrounds. This not only makes our community assorted but diverse when it comes to parenting solutions.

How does Mothers.PK connect parenting partners under one roof?

We do understand it’s hard to cope up with daily issues with your children. Our platform is for the parents where they can discuss parenting issues, adulthood, and work management in a loving way with us.

What kind of solutions someone can find on Mothers.PK?

Our panel includes specialists from every walk of life. You can find medical help, food recipes, education support, mental support and group discussions.

How can I be sure the information you provided is authentic?

Our board of members scrutinize every provided information through critical standards. We have presented the extensive knowledge of our members under – Ask an expert section.

How does your online market shop work?

Our online market store is your ultimate solution. We’re providing range of products for the homemaker. You can buy products directly, and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

How to contact Mothers.PK if I need additional assistance?

You can call us on our number +92-3111-555-291. Email us at [email protected] or message us on our Facebook page for the prompt response..