Community Guideline

As an online community, We will thrive only if We can rely on our members to act responsibly. We believe that all Users and visitors benefit from basic rules for acceptable conduct while using the Website and the services made available on or through or by means of this Website (“Services”).Please always try to add value to this community rather than take it away.

These guidelines are intended to help Mothers.PK be a great place for as many moms as possible! Mothers.PK is a community where a mom can feel welcome and safe, and not be subjected to personal insults, attacks or disrespectful behavior.

As the “owner” of the Community, the Mothers.PK Team will do its best to enforce these guidelines, assist members with any questions, and provide an enjoyable place for moms to spend their time.

Without limiting the other terms and conditions in these Terms and Conditions, You acknowledge and agree to the following guidelines for posting and/or viewing User submissions and other Content on or through the Community:

You will not write anything that may be intentionally damaging, untrue or misleading about any person.

Any comment made using Your identity or screen name will be deemed to have been posted by You.

You will keep all comments relevant and “on topic” to the particular posting that is open for comments.

You will not post abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libelous, offensive or sexually explicit material.

You will not impersonate any person,falsely state or otherwise misrepresent Your affiliation with any person or entity.

You will not disrupt the normal flow of dialogue or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other Users’ ability to engage in real-time exchanges.

You will not make false or misleading statements.

You will not post information that is confidential or sensitive.

You will be prepared for others to agree AND disagree with You and Your ideas.

You will use the Privacy and Security settings as You see fit to control the privacy and security of Your Mothers.PK experience.

You will not ask other members of the Community for help in the form of money, gifts, or donations.

Advertising and promotions are only allowed through an agreement from Mothers.PK and only in groups that allow advertising.

Cursing is not allowed in public areas.

Nudity, abortion pictures, and depictions of violence are not permitted on Mothers.PK.

You will not share Your personal information or anyone else’s information with someone unless You’re absolutely certain it is safe to share with that person. That includes anything another member shared with You in private.

You will not create multiple accounts. [If You need a second account to run Your group, please contact the Mothers.PK Team.]

You will help Us keep the Website orderly by reporting any problems You see on the Website, including posts that break these rules and anyone You suspect doesn’t belong on the Website.

You will not do anything criminal or illegal on the Website or encourage anyone else to do so.

If You you want to discuss Our policies, please Contact Us directly