Your “Chand Raat” Sorted!

Untitled design 8 - Your “Chand Raat” Sorted!

The excitement is building up as the days draw closer to Eid. You can feel the festivities flooding the streets with lights and people trotting around doing their last minute shopping. The road-side vendors are now successfully selling their last stocks of shoes, wallets and other accessories.

If you live in Karachi, we have brought you a list of places and events you can visit with your family to get involved in the festivities of Chand Raat. In Pakistan, Chand Raat is the true essence of Eid but also don’t forget to pray as it is also a blessed night for prayers.

These are some of the places you can visit with your family for a night of fun, food, and Mehendi!

  1. Eid Souk

For the first time in Pakistan, Karachi has its own Eid Souk which is a one-of-a-kind event. This started last Sunday on 9th and will continue till Chand Raat. Eid Souk has brought together all big and small fashion and lifestyle businesses under one roof. Head over there for a night of fun and food! You can also find complete your last minute shopping there. The environment is family oriented in order to keep the mood of Chand Raat intact!

Venue: Global Marquees

  1. Eid Family Festival

This Eid family festival is being held near Aladdin Park for those who do not wish to travel far from their home near the vicinity. There will be a range of stalls providing food, accessories and other fashion and lifestyle options. You can visit there with your family and also get your Mehendi applied from the stalls there.

Venue: The Executive Marquee

  1. Chand Raat at Owl’s Nest

If you are exclusively looking for a place where your little ones can have a fun-filled night with good food, this is the place to be. Owl’s Nest is hosting a Chand Raat with unlimited fun for the children! There will be ladies who can apply Mehendi on your hands and your little daughter’s hands too!

Venue: The Owl’s Nest

  1. Eid Exhibition

If you are still on the lookout for that “second day of Eid dress” this is the place you need to be! This Eid Exhibition will be the launch pad for new designers so be ready to set your eyes on fresh and unique designs.

Venue: Saima One Mall & Tower

Things to Consider

You can easily get distracted in places which are very crowded. Make sure that when you are visiting with your children, keep them close. There have been many misfortunate events which have taken place in the past that staying safe and being on the lookout will go a long way.

Be aware of pick-pockets and harassers who are everywhere. Make sure to report anything you notice that shouldn’t be happening. Security guards are other officials are present all around, reach out to the one closest to you immediately.


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