Why Playtime is the Key to Raising Successful Children

Untitled design 44 - Why Playtime is the Key to Raising Successful Children

Academics is important for every child, in fact, it is the right of every child. What parents also need to understand is that with academics, children need playtime as well. A well-scheduled playtime with opportunities for creative opportunities can lead to better development of skills.

Success is directly related to the exposure of creative skills and opportunities where confidence can be boosted. Playing anything from board games to sports to even a role-play can lead to children learning something hands-on. Here is why playtime is the key:

  1. Facts Straightened Out

Through play, parents need to erase the misconception about a child’s play and their learning of academic content. We must ensure that both are taken hand in hand for the better future of the children. When a child spends the time to play, he/she is learning soft skills through which sensory feelings are developed.

  1. Exploiting Natural Abilities

Children have the amazing ability to learn naturally about the world around them through play. Playtime gives them the opportunity to explore their abilities to learn through play. The world is big and adventurous for children, allow them to explore, this will automatically help them with their academics.

  1. Important for Development and Learning

There is evidence which shows that playtime helps children in their development and learning. When playing, children are exposed to new environments which helps them develop on their own. Experiential learning is the key to having a successful life. Success as adults can be determined by playtime over academics.

  1. Skills Learning

Research has shown that children learn new skills like leadership, cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, public speaking skills and analytical skills only through playtime. Organizational skills can also be learned through playtime. This is a great predictor of academic success in later life. Allow your children to play more in order to ensure that your child’s success in the future.


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