Why Having a Sibling Actually Makes you a Better Person

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Having siblings is a great blessing. Ask anyone who doesn’t have a sibling and they will tell you how lonely feel. The greatest love for family is established when there are more than one children in the family. A new research has proved why having a sibling actually makes you a better person.

  1. Older Siblings Have Impact

The older siblings have a great impact on the younger ones throughout life. Although it can also be true for another way around, this is more common. Whatever the elder sibling does, it can create an impact for the younger ones by way of setting examples. The older ones are more experienced and they can pass on their academic, sports and other life experiences. These experiences are better understood by the younger ones because when parents share these stories, it can seem to come from an older era.

  1. Contribution to Development

Since the connection between siblings is different from that among parents, they contribute differently to each other’s development. Being raised in the same time, siblings help each other development empathy for everyone. In addition to that, other valuable skills are also developed.

  1. Role Model

Younger siblings can look at their elder ones as a role model. Coming from the same time and situations, understanding and living with the same expectations of the same parents, can put them on the same boat. The elder siblings can be looked at as a role model in many ways.

  1. Impact of Age Differences

The families who had a greater age gap between siblings showed a better empathic impact on each other. The older brothers and sisters had a better connection with their younger siblings with a stronger empathic modelling behaviour. Older siblings looked at their younger ones as their children and looked after their wellbeing without being asked.

So cherish your siblings because not everyone is blessed with one!


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