What Is Fertility And How To Boost It


Fertility is basically the ability to reproduce and is dependent on both man and woman. Many couples are unable to conceive after trying for a few months; you have to note that this is quite normal. Many couples do not find success on their first try, and there could be different reasons associated with it. A couple who wants to start a family should ideally wait for at least a year for the wife to get pregnant naturally before seeking help.

Various factors are associated with fertility.

• Fertility of a woman is at its peak in her twenties and in early thirties. As the age of a woman grows, chances of fertility decrease as the number of eggs that her body has reduced. So the older you are, the lesser the chances you will have of getting pregnant. This is why many people recommend that you get pregnant before or in your early thirties. Pregnancy will become harder to undergo as you grow older as more complications can be associated with it.

• Women who are obese or at the edge of the ideal weight or a healthy BMI are at the risk of being lesser fertile, so are women who are extremely underweight as well. It is best to maintain a healthy diet and take up some exercise to make sure that you fall under your correct BMI. You can find various websites online which will allow you to calculate your BMI.

• The surroundings of a person, their environment in which they live also affects their fertility. As we shift on more to the usage of processed and shelf life products, we are letting more chemicals enter our bodies and systems, which in turn can cause health problems as well as affecting the fertility of a person. It is wise to read the ingredients of any food product or daily use products that you are purchasing so that you know what you are exposing yourself to. The best way to go about it is by buying organic products that will not cause harm.

• Stress and emotional turmoils may cause infertility . It is one of the biggest reasons for infertility in women. The best way to go about it is to take measures to reduce the level of stress; you will feel a considerable difference in yourself and your overall health.

• What you eat, what you drink and your life’s daily routine, all end up being a factor that may lead to lesser fertility. The healthier lifestyle you have, the better the chances of pregnancy.

The next question that comes to mind is that what are the different ways of boosting your chances at fertility? There are many different techniques that you can adopt, but some of the most useful ones are listed below. If you manage to follow these instructions, then your chances of fertility will increase.

• Maintain a healthy weight

As mentioned before, your weight will determine your fertility levels as well. Make sure that you have a proper diet planned out for yourself. Do not stop eating as it will also have a negative impact. Another thing you must remember is that you can suffer from a few complications during birth if you are overweight or sometimes even underweight. So have a session with your doctor and a nutritionist and sort out the best possible diet.

• Eat a good healthy diet

You need to eat healthily. This does not mean that you cut yourself out of everything else forever. Just make sure that you consume very less of junk food; only eat it when you cannot control the craving for it. Maintain a good ratio of proteins, carbs and fats in your diet; the latter of the two should be lower quantities.

• Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Trying to increase your chances of fertility means that you will need to change your lifestyle. This means no smoking or drinking and incorporating an exercise routine, which you can follow daily. You will need quite a lot of motivation and willpower to make sure that you do not deviate back to your old ways. So unless you are super confident already, ease yourself into the transition.

• Reduce stress

There are many things that you can do to reduce the levels of stress. Cut out all the negative people in your life; you will find yourself much happier. Think happy though and be positive by looking at the brighter side of things. Try various yoga poses to help you reduce the amount of stress. Breathing exercises can also do wonders and are quite simple; inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

• Reduce exposure to toxins

Toxins are awful for your body, so it is a very good idea to detox yourself at least once a year or every six months. This way you will get rid of all the harmful substance and will have a healthier body, which will be an ideal environment for a baby.

If none of these natural ways seems to help then seek the help of a doctor. He will guide you on the right path. For further assistance, check out our doctors’ directory for the listing of various doctors in your city.