Wellness Check-Ups for Babies: An Important Thing We Miss Out

wellness checkup babies - Wellness Check-Ups for Babies: An Important Thing We Miss Out

Although your baby might seem perfectly healthy to you and your family, it is crucial to take him/her for regular check-ups to the doctor. The first two years of your baby’s life are a vital time for development and growth hence regular visits to the doctor are a must. Wellness check-ups for babies in an important thing we miss out.

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Taking measurements

The doctor will always measure the length, head circumference and weight of the baby. By measuring these, the doctor can compare the baby’s growth chart to other infants and make sure there are no signs of illnesses.

Physical Exam

The doctor will conduct a head-to-toe exam every time you take your baby to check her ears, eyes, mouth, skin, heart and lungs, abdomen, hips and legs, and genitalia to be sure they look healthy. For younger ones, they will also check the fontanels or soft spots in the baby’s head to make sure they’re shaping perfectly.

Tuberculosis Test

Pakistan currently ranks fifth amongst countries with the highest burden of tuberculosis alongside the fourth highest burden of Drug-Resistant TB globally. The doctor will test the baby for TB by injecting an inactive strain of TB into the skin of baby’s arm. If your infant tests positive, redness and swelling will appear at the site of the injection about 48 to 72 hours later.

Developmental Screening

The doctor will check the baby’s development by making observations of the child’s behavior. They will also question you regarding your child’s milestones such as sitting up or taking the first step. As they grow older, the doctor may check for signs of autism spectrum disorders i.e. a group of disorders that can affect the behavior and social communication skills of your baby.

Other screenings or tests

In addition to those mentioned above, the doctor may conduct lead screening to ensure your baby is not exposed to dangerous levels of lead that can affect his/her development and growth. Moreover, the paediatrician may also screen the baby’s blood to check for indications of anemia or other blood related diseases.

These are some of the many benefits of having regular checkups for your baby. The first few years are crucial to your baby’s life and making sure they are free of diseases will ensure a healthy and prosperous future!


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