Twins: From Home to Preschool

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Handling twins is already a difficult task. Imagine preparing your twins for their first day at their preschool. Going from the comfort of the home to a preschool comes with a lot of anxiety. What mothers can do is ensure that everything runs smoothly. No matter how much you could be dreading it, remember that this is also a phase and will be over soon.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind (multiplied by two):

  1. Basic Needs

When you are planning to send your twins to a preschool, make sure that their basic needs are met before they go independent. Make sure that they know how to ask for water and food and to ask to be taken to the bathroom.

  1. Play

Young children should be kept busy and engaged in physical activities, especially playing with other kids. Before your twins start preschool, make sure they are accustomed to children other than themselves.

  1. Sharing

Twins usually understand the concept of sharing and don’t know a way other than that. However, they need to be taught to respect someone else’s belonging and be able to share their belongings with other children apart from their own sibling.

  1. Making Friends

Take your twins out to the playground and provide them the opportunity to get engaged with other children. This is the best way to help them build their social skills.

  1. Moving to Beds

Before they start school, try and move your twins to their own individual beds. This will give them both a sense of independence which is important to build confidence when they start interacting with other children.

  1. Potty Training

This is the most important thing! Make sure that your twins get potty trained before they are moved to a preschool. This will help you and their teachers a lot when the time comes. Make sure that your twins can tell when they need to use the toilet.

All the best!


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