Top 5 Reasons for Loss of Appetite in Toddlers

loss of appetite in toddlers - Top 5 Reasons for Loss of Appetite in Toddlers

Feeding a toddler is the most challenging thing a parent has to do these days. It’s a struggle that many faces resulting in energy drain for both the parents and the child. Although, it is absolutely normal for a toddler to eat three full meals one day and nothing the next. The feeding habit needs attention when your child keeps losing appetite. Here are the top 5 reason for the loss of appetite in toddlers.

Usually, there is nothing to worry about when a toddler loses appetite as it may mean that he/she is simply more interested in other things surrounding him/her. A child, when starts to move around will pay more attention to other things rather than on the basics of eating. However, if you notice your toddler losing weight at a steady rate then you must take immediate action.

Reason 1: Constipation

One of the prime reasons why a toddler may not eat is constipation. Unless the intestines are not clear, your child will not eat his/her meals. If you notice your child not having a bowel movement for 2 to 3 days in a stretch, it means that he/she is constipated. Help your child clear the intestines to have an active digestive system. Read here for help.

Reason 2: Intestinal Worms

Babies and toddlers very commonly have intestinal worms. Parents usually realize it when the symptoms worsen over time. If a child’s tummy is not dewormed in time, there can be some other serious health problems like intestinal bleeding, weight loss, inflammation and loss of appetite. You can deworm your child’s stomach by reading the blog here.

Reason 3: Anemia

Anemia is the lack of iron in the body. You will notice if your child has an iron deficiency that he/she stays irritable and is not as active as he/she should be. Foods that are rich in iron should be given to children so that iron levels stay normal. Find out if your child has iron deficiency.

Reason 4: Depression

Childhood depression is a real thing. Parents usually do not talk about it but a loss of appetite is the first and the most common symptom that comes with depression. You may notice that your child loses interest in activities and will not eat even when you try to bribe him/her with ice cream or other desserts.

Reason 5: Medications

If your child has been on medication, a loss of appetite is normal. However, if you notice your child has completed his/her medication course and is still not eating well, it is better to visit a pediatrician.

In order to look for a solution, you must find out the problem first. Identifying the right symptom will help you get to the real issue before you can take any action.


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