Tips for Fathers to Spend More Time with Children

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When children define “Love” they call it “Time”. Every minute spent with a child is precious and it builds on the relationship. Unfortunately, time nowadays is simply not enough. The most precious commodity for all fathers today is time.  Those children who spend more time with their mothers often feel that their fathers don’t love them as much. Is it true? Of course not!

So how can fathers ensure that they can spend more time with their children to make them feel valued and loved? Luckily, there are a few things every father can do to ensure that whatever time he has for his children is denser in quality. Time spent with the children does not always have to be long hours, but whatever is spent, should be spent with 100% attention.

Sometimes, when a child wants attention from the parent, they try to act-out. Usually, these are negative acts like fighting with someone in the neighbourhood or behaving badly with the teacher. These are some tactics that children use to grab the attention of their parents. Before your child comes to such things, give them their needed time.

Here are a few tips that you can do to achieve some quality time with your children.

Tip 1: Schedule One-on-one Time

At least twice a month, take time out to spend with your child. You can do any activity that you both enjoy. It can be playing a sport or watching a movie together. You can let the mother know that you will be spending time with your child and she can do whatever she wants. This can also give the mother a break and some time to spend on her own. If you note down time in your planner to spend with your child, it lets them know that you consider this time important. This small gesture is translated as “Love” in the dictionary of the child. The child will be able to make some great memories out of this time and cherish it for life.

Tip 2: Fit “Together Time” into Daily Schedule

It can become difficult to fit quality time into the daily schedule. What you can do is involve them in your daily tasks. For example, if you clean your car daily, ask your child to help you with it. It will take more time and will be much messier but with time, your child will become your biggest help. Activities like these help children learn and you can spend quality time with them while at it. Another option is grocery shopping. Take your child with you and it can become a fun exercise where your child can help you shop. Teach them further by asking them to calculate the bill and/or paying for the groceries at the counter.

Tip 3: Surprise Your Child

If you cannot make time due to a very busy schedule, you can get creative! Writing short love notes and leaving them in their lunch boxes can make your children feel loved. You can also record short videos and leave them at the breakfast table. Get as creative as you can. As long as your message is being sent to your child, it will make them feel loved and involved.

Even if spending an extra 15 minutes with your child is possible, make it happen. You may think that a few minutes is insignificant, but to your child, they mean a lot and hold a lot of meaning. This time can be spent to connect and to build a stronger relationship. This bond will last forever with many memories to cherish and behold.


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