Things You Should Save For Your Grandkids


When you think of saving for your grandchildren, money is the first thing that hits your mind, and obviously, it should be. However, don’t miss the other sentimental things that are worth holding too. Time is continuously changing; soon it will completely change, and then you will experience the generation gap. Like today when you ask kids about “DVD player” or “Tape Recorder”, you will get some of the most confused reactions. Save such stuff for your grandkids so that they can get familiar with the things that were famous once in your time. Your savings will definitely please your grandkids as they always take an extra interest in grandparent’s stuff.

Your collection:

Everyone has its own unique set of collections, and your grandkids would be glad to see yours. Like many others, my mother has a vast collection of jewellery. My sister and I love to collect books and like everyone else, they have somehow sentimental bond to us. I remember my Grandpa was fond of cassettes and we have still some of those.

Old important documents:

Documents that were once important to you, like your wedding card, school reports, and special certificates all captivate kids to learn more about who you were before being their grandparent.

Your family history:

Kids do ask their parent about the family history and that question sometimes bothers the parents because they are busy in their chores. Sketch a family tree, gather old photos or write down your childhood memories for your grandkids, as they are curious in knowing the facts and details of family history.

The secret family recipe:

Try your family’s secret recipe with your grandkids. Write the recipes that were passed down to you from your mother or grandmother or the family stories behind those recipes.

Your favourite book as a child:

We all remember the stories we read as a child, the stories that made our childhood better. Give your grandkids your favourite book and help encourage their reading habit.