The Work, Family Life Balance for Her

The work family life balance for Her - The Work, Family Life Balance for Her

Many women experience the guilt of being a working woman with a baby. That guilt usually revolves around the fact that they cannot be around their child as much as they like. The guilt is based on leaving them at the day care center, or at home with a family member when they have to go to work for the day; or the guilt of spending more time apart than being able to spend it together. Because at the end of the day when you come home from work, you’re too exhausted to give the baby your complete attention; and even if you manage to provide them with your undivided attention, it is for too little a time.

But this is a normal part of being a working woman with a family and there is nothing wrong with it. As long as your family, especially your husband, supports you and you are able to manage your time well, all should be well in the end.

Though it sounds easy, it is difficult to accomplish this balance in your life. At one point or the other you or your baby or your husband will feel that there is a gap at some place. This is equally true for mothers who are working from home or have their own businesses; even you at one point feel the pressure of balancing personal life with work life.

So what is the best way to mange time for office-based working mothers? One excellent way is by trying your best to get off work on time; avoid after work hours. For example, if your office closes at 5, then make sure that you have wrapped up all your work by then and are ready to head back home. So make sure that you instill this fact in the minds of your peers as well so that they do not overburden you right before closing time.

After you come home from work, give your child as much attention as possible. Yes we know there must be tons of work to do before you can actually relax and kick back your feet, but all this will have to wait.  Once home from work, your child and husband should be your first priority; this way neither will feel left out. If your child is at a school going age or a toddler, then you must have already set their bed time; your house work can be done after they have gone to bed.

We know what you must be thinking, then what time do you get to sleep? Well this is where your organization and time management skills will come in handy. You will have to make sure that everything is arranged in a way that you save time and are able to be in bed latest by 11:00 pm yourself so that you can get a few hours of sleep. The other way is to sacrifice your sleep time, but that is not recommended by us or anyone.

Remember this line as we cannot put enough emphasis on it: You must let go of the guilt you feel for leaving your child at home or the daycare, this will make you stress less and your day go by faster and smoother. If you are unable to let it go, then you will only be stressing yourself out while having no solution to the problem. Also, there is nothing for you to feel guilty about; whatever you are doing is for the benefit of your child and yourself. Look on the brighter side of things, your professional life and the networking made through it may come in handy someday when your child is concerned.

If something relating to your child crops up, for example your child’s school has organized a sports day or may be your child is sick then talk to your employer about it and get time off. If you have a good understanding with your employer about how you are coping with your work and  family at the same time and that under extreme situations you will be needing time off, then balancing work and family becomes much easier. If your employer is not willing to be flexible then maybe look for a job that is better suited for your needs. Or get the best possible arrangement for your child’s day care with your family or hired help and keep a check on your child’s upkeep during the day through phone and net.

The world is now  evolving and the concept of work from home is gaining much more popularity. If you have been working at an organization of a long time then maybe they will be willing to allow you to work from home as well. You can have a combination of both by working a few days   of the week from office and spending the rest of the days by working from home. Again the best way to go about is by talking to the person in-charge.

The best way to go through your day is by staying in touch with your children. Call them at every chance you get, that way your mind will be at ease and they will also know that their mother is around. Do not feel irritated if they call you more than once a day, or if they ring you during a meeting. Explain it to them nicely why you cannot talk to them at the moment and promise to call back or make up for it; it will do wonders for you and your child.

If you cannot manage work with your family life but you want to work none the less, then try finding home based jobs.. That way you maintain your family life while working. There are many freelancing opportunities available in the country and many are advertised in different places on the internet. Do a little research and you will be able to find a good opportunity in no time.


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