The Theory Behind Having A Baby Girl Or A Baby Boy

Theory behind having a baby girl or baby boy B - The Theory Behind Having A Baby Girl Or A Baby Boy

Before you read this piece, I would like to admit that this write up is aimed to be straight out there and brutally honest. Some men may get offended by this piece; we are sorry in advance, but we have taken enough of the blame!

So ladies, the next time your family member says that they would love to see you have a baby boy tell them to tell that to your husband as that matter is not in your hands. Though it isn’t up to your husband either, it is only God’s decision over what you are going to get; but your husband plays a major role in determining the gender of your baby.

Because of the lack of education in our society many people are unaware of the rationale why people have baby girls or boys. Read this blog and you will be able to find the perfect answer to give to someone the next time they talk about the gender of your baby, in particularly of your baby being a boy!

You conceive a child when the sperm from the man fertilizes with the egg in the female. The two cells meet, each consisting of their own set of DNA and they form a baby that has a mixture of the mothers and the fathers DNA. But, and this is a big but, the sperm and the egg also consist a chromosome that will determine the gender of your child.

Now read carefully; a woman’s egg will always have only one type of chromosome which is the X chromosome. On the other hand, males have two different types of chromosomes which are the X and the Y chromosome. Each sperm will either consist of the X or the Y chromosome.

Now you may be thinking what this has anything to do with the gender of the baby. Well, this has everything to do with the gender of your baby. There will be only two conditions that can occur when an egg gets fertilized by a sperm; the egg (consisting of chromosome X) may get fertilized by a sperm consisting chromosome X or the egg may get fertilized by a sperm consisting of chromosome Y.

When this happens the following happens:

  1. When the X and X chromosome combine, the baby will turn out to be a girl.
  2. When the X and Y chromosome combine, the baby will turn out to be a boy.

So you see dear readers, the gender of the baby is really determined by the sperm. There have been a few different studies that have shown that sperms with X chromosome tend to have a longer life span than the Y chromosome. This means that as the chromosome stays alive in the woman for a longer time and ovulation may start late, then the chances are that you will have a baby girl

But the sperm with the Y chromosome can said to be stronger and faster than the other one. This means that if you get fertilized on the same day as you are ovulating then the chances are that you end up having a baby boy.

There have been a few studies which also suggest that the energy used by the Y chromosome is consumed much more rapidly. This energy will also determine the speed of the sperm at which it will be able to reach the egg. It is said that the other reason that Y chromosomes are faster is because they contain lesser amount of mitochondria (it is the part of the cell which produces the energy). But one thing to note here is that since the sperm contains more energy and the ability to swim faster, it will also come with a faster expiration time.

If you know your cycle well enough it is possible for you to try for a specific gender of the baby. Either way sperms have the ability to stay alive for at least 4 to seven days inside a woman; they also take around 2 hours or less to reach the egg.

This is just in theory, in the end the fastest and the strongest sperm, whether it has an X chromosome or a Y chromosome will be able to fertilize the egg.

The biology is quite simple and if anyone ever says something to you it is easier to blame it on the husband cause, let’s face it, no one is ever going to say anything to him. It is also a good technique to confuse the person in front of you so that they do not bother with asking you the second time around.

We hope that this information has been helpful and you will find the right way of wording it to explain it to the next person and tell them to butt out.


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