The Benefits of Co-Sleeping with Your Baby

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Many people would tell parents to avoid co-sleeping with a child for numerous reasons. You may find things on the internet that would tell you not to sleep with your baby as it holds the risk of accidents at night.

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In Pakistan, the elders would always tell you to put your child in the cot or else your child will always sleep with you even when he/she grows up. This is very untrue according to scientific research. There are numerous benefits of sleeping with your baby and here we will list down just a few.

A More Peaceful Sleep

A baby who is sleeping with his/her parents is less likely to get startled at night and wake up. The closeness to the bodies of parents puts the baby more at ease. As opposed to sleeping alone in a cot or a crib – the baby does not wake up and cry in the middle of the night. Studies have shown that babies who wake up more often at night have a higher chance of suffering from sleep anxiety when they grow up.

Stable Physiology

Babies who sleep close to their parents have stable heartbeats, stable temperatures, and regular heart rhythms. However, babies who sleep alone can get scared and wake up at night which can result in irregular heartbeats and fluctuating body temperatures.

Strong Emotional Health

Babies who sleep with their parents grow up with higher self-esteem, less anxiety, low chances of depression and surprisingly become independent very soon. These babies also grow up well behaved both at school and at home. Co-sleeping babies have stronger emotional health which means they can easily express their feelings and emotions without feeling uncomfortable.

Cribs are Relatively Unsafe

There have been numerous incidents where babies have been injured seriously due to a crib or a cot malfunctioning at night. Due to the complicated design, they often malfunction and result in clasps from opening and closing. Adult beds are relatively safer for babies to sleep.

So don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to keep your baby close to you at night. Sometimes, that is all your baby needs – and honestly, you need your baby close too.


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