Teaching Self-Control is More Important than Academics

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There are multiple recipes for success. No parents could be right or the other one wrong. But those parents who believe that their child’s success is based on their performance in school, they could be misunderstood. But there is a way of leading your children to academic success through teaching self-control.

Here are a few facts which will help you understand how self-control actually make children perform better with higher grades and success in sports.

Having self-control only means that you know how to prioritize your work and time. This whole process eradicates the chances of procrastination which is the leading factor for wasting time. A study was conducted which tested students with self-control over those who didn’t any. Here are the results:

  1. Students who were rated highly for self-control also earned higher grades and standardized test scores.
  2. Higher self-control students also had fewer school absences. They spent more time studying and less on being glued to their gadgets.
  3. While self-control can be grouped with conscientiousness, one of the big five personality trait, it also stands as a unique behaviour measure that may contribute to a person’s overall success.
  4. Another study stated that self-control is influenced by genes. It is also influenced by the environment (i.e. parent guidance) in which the child is growing up. So it’s not a surprise that parents have a great impact on the outcome of their children’s academic and overall life result.

The benefits of having self-control are too many! It is important for both the children and their adult counterparts. Make sure that you lead your children by example and ensure that you set a role model for them.


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