Study Confirms Putting Children Early to Bed is better for Mom’s Mental Health

Untitled design 31 - Study Confirms Putting Children Early to Bed is better for Mom’s Mental Health

Everyone is aware of the importance of bedtime for children. It takes patience and practice to establish a bedtime routine and extra effort to ensure that it stays enacted. While regular bedtime has numerous benefits for the children, a new study confirms that putting children early to bed is better for mom’s mental health.

A study conducted on women’s brain reveals that at one single minute, their brains work on multiple tasks. That is the reason why women need more sleep and if a woman is sleep deprived, she will not have a good day. The mood swings become more too inevitable ultimately affecting the family overall.

After having children, another study revealed that mothers had a significant change in their sleep patterns. The number of hours that a mother sleeps after having a baby was decreased while for the fathers, it stayed the same. The added responsibility of looking after children and the household led to disturbed sleep patterns.

The importance of early bedtime for the children has a great impact on the mental health of the mothers. A study showed that mothers whose children went to bed at 8:30 pm, were a lot happier. The time she gets to herself at night creates a feeling of self-worth.

The time before bedtime is the only time unwind the stress of the entire day. The mother gets time to rest well and get back to the impending tasks of the other day. In order to ensure that the mother’s mental health is great while the children go to bed on time every night, distractions should be removed before bedtime.

Consider looking at the bedtime routine and ensure that your children do not use any devices or sit in front of a screen right before its time to sleep. The blue light coming off from the TV set or smart devices forces the brain to stay awake. This leads to disturbed sleep and sleeps deprivation.


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