Special Needs Children – What It Is and Who They Are

special children B - Special Needs Children – What It Is and Who They Are

Not all of us are lucky enough to give birth to normal children. There are many in this world who have children who need constant care and support, which can last for as long as they live. Taking care of such children is not easy either; you need to keep a constant eye on them to make sure that they are okay and are able to survive. Each day is a test of both parents and the children’s patience, strength, sanity and everything else involved.

Many of us believe that special needs children are those who, in boarder terms, cannot speak, hear, or see, or suffer from mental disabilities. The truth is that children with small issues, such as food allergies are also considered to be of special needs. This is because they also require someone to look after them at all times to make sure that they do not swallow anything that will be potentially harmful.

The umbrella which defines special needs children is a big one; you can further divide it into three categories; minor needs, medium needs and high needs. Each category comes with its own range of problems these can include the likes of minor needs like food allergy, minor panic attacks; medium needs like learning disabilities; major needs like cognitive impairment psychiatric problems.

In some cases you will get to know before the birth of the child that they will require constant care, this is usually detected in the ultrasound and conveyed to the parents beforehand. A good example of such a case is Down Syndrome, where the illness can be detected during the ultrasound by the technician. But more often, you will get to learn about a child’s special needs sometimes as they grow older and you start noticing a developmental delay or other signs of special needs.

Once you get to know what issue your child is going through, make sure to focus your attention on it and create your goals and plans around it. The best way of being able to deal with a special child, is not to mourn over what they cannot do but to look at it with different light. Once you celebrate them reaching their milestones, the challenges become easier and sweeter.

Breaking down special needs issues:


Dealing with a developmentally challenged child can be very difficult and emotional as it takes a longer time for them to develop, and it requires much more attention and patience from the parent’s side. A child with developmental disability needs special care in therapy, schooling, learning, etc.

Mental health

The only way to diagnose this problem is by keeping a close eye on your child; the moment you find that your child is giving unusual reactions to situations you should be alarmed and consult a psychiatric specialist or neurologist to diagnose and treat the problem in time or else children will keep on depleting and would be disturbing for the whole family. Medical Children with medical special needs usually are suffering from some sort of chronic/terminal illness. This means a series of tests, hospital stays, many health related issues, etc.


Children with learning disability such as dyslexia have problems with school work or intellectual learning. These children need special care with learning, and parents need to be persistent and strategic with their learning techniques.


Normal ways of disciplining your child do not work if they have behavioral issues. Parents need to create special strategies to combat their behavior or it will cause family issues and problems for the child at school.


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