The double shift is seriously tiring particularly for a woman. Juggling with both household work and professional life increases pressure on a working lady because the conventional system requires women, specifically a mother to serve her home flawlessly along with fulfilling the career demands with perfection.

Although it is challenging for a mother to fulfil the food demands of the busy schedule, a little planning and effort in advance can make her win the game.

To spread a smile on my children’s face, I used a few simple techniques and recipes that worked well for my house. Here are some quick, nutritious secret recipes that make me a super mum in my own way.

Recipes for a speedy breakfast

Eggs are the most convenient yet healthy and nutritious to start your child’s day with. They can be cooked in various simple and uncomplicated ways like:

• Half boiled egg: This is a perfect winter recipe. Heat water and bring it to a boil. Drop the room temperature egg into boiling water. Simmer it for about 3 minutes. The soft-boiled egg is ready to eat. Sprinkle black pepper and dip it in toast and eat.

• Full boiled egg: The recipe is same as above. Just simmer the egg longer for about 7 minutes. Slice them using different shaped egg cutters to entertain kids. Serve them like that or mix mayonnaise, butter or cheese and make sandwiches.

• Fried egg or an omelette:

The easiest way is to heat up the oil and simply fry an egg with live yolk. Put in the little effort to make an omelette. Break the egg and whisk it well. Choose your children’s favourite spices and condiments from salt, herbs, sliced tomato’s, crushed green chilli’s and sliced onions. On medium heat melt butter or oil. Pour the mixture and cook the omelette by flipping side. For more flavours add cheese, mushrooms or sausages. Keep the omelette soft and remove it from heat. Serve them with a healthy multi-seed or whole wheat bread. Accompany it with boiled or mashed potato’s and easy to grill vegetables.

Recipes for a speedy lunch and dinners:

• Salad:

We mothers can never compromise on our children’s health no matter how many difficulties we are going through. Keeping the thought in mind, I prefer lunch to be healthy but appealing. I divide working woman into portions. Firstly new salad bowl with different salad dressings to makes it enjoyable. Best combo is some iceberg leaves, carrot, cucumber, pineapples and olives. Sprinkle some salt and pepper or toss it with pre-marinated grilled chicken strips and made them gobble this version of colourful salad happily.

• Soup:

Hey, working mums this is a great treat for you and your kids. Chicken or beef broth can be made in an hour time till you do the rest of your work. Immediately prepare it by adding some diluted corn flour and ready-made corns.

• Burgers:

Burgers are kids first love. It is convenient for us to marinate the patties in weekends and the only things left to do is to fry, assemble and serve.
Marinate patty with mixing ½ tsp. Breadcrumb sauce, 1 tsp. Salt, ½ tsp. Parsley, ½ tsp. Thyme and 1 tsp. Garlic pastes into 1 pound of minced chicken and makes thin patties. Cover them with egg wash and bread crumb and freeze. Get some soft burger buns and add some cheese and sauces to make it more tempting.

• Cheese balls:

This is another favourite food for my little ones that make them clean their plates quickly. Cheese balls are also an ideal recipe for a working woman because it can be made in prior and freeze.
You require 3 boiled and mashed potatoes; sprinkle some seasoning, my kids only like salt and pepper. Mix them well and make 2 inch round balls with grated cheese in between each ball (optional). Cover with egg wash and bread crumb and freeze for later fry.

Preparing a healthy home meal in less time can help you to make time for other things and will also lower burden from your shoulders. These recipes worked well for me as a working mother, and I hope they will help you too.