Playing Multiple Sports Protects Children from Injuries

Untitled design 28 - Playing Multiple Sports Protects Children from Injuries

An injury is a very real possibility in organized sports. This is one of the main reasons why parents are often wary of encouraging children to be more involved in physical sports. Those children that choose to play focus their energy on one sport with the intention of perfecting themselves in it to be the best. A new study reveals that this is not the best way of protecting them

Injuries like a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) frequently occur in children who are involved in organized sports. Children prepare themselves for this possibility and try to protect themselves. But a study revealed that an alarming number of 1.5 million children seriously injure themselves yearly while playing sports.

The good news is that the new study has revealed that children playing multiple sports are much less likely to be injured.  The study examined first-round NBA players to arrive at this conclusion. Those that played various sports in high school were more successful in their sports career as compared to those focused on single sport.

The reasoning behind it is that they utilize various muscles while playing different types of sports. This removes the exertion on just a few muscles and exerts stress on other muscles as well. This makes the children stronger and healthier overall. The thinking that one sport improves children’s focus is wrong. It exerts undue pressure on a few muscles and leaves the other parts of the body to be vulnerable to severe injuries in case of a slight mishap.

Children should be made to wait at least until the age of 14 before picking the sport they want to focus on. Playing multiple sports will protect them and provide them with a higher chance of excelling in life.


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