New Born Guide

8 - New Born Guide

Having a baby is not easy, especially if it is your first baby since you do not know anything on how to take care of a little person. This is why we have come up with a small new born baby guide to help you get through this wonderful yet difficult time.

Short guide to taking care of a new born baby

Follow the below guidelines and you will do great with your baby. Never doubt yourself as a mother and keep repeating the mantra in your head “I am a good mother, I can do this.”

Be careful while cutting your babies nails

Having to cut your baby’s nails for the first time can be quite intimidating. This is because they are so small and fragile that you fear hurting your child. Be strong at all times as you can do this! If you are scared of cutting the nails as the baby might wriggle, then try doing it when they are fast asleep. Also make sure that you use the scissors especially designed for baby’s nails. Nail cutters and nail filers may not be a good idea to use at this stage as it may end up hurting the child. Also ensure that you do not cut too deep.

Be careful of the head and neck

For the first few months your baby’s neck will be highly unstable. Also remember that their skull is not completely developed; the front side and the back side of the baby’s skull do not exist and it will take a few months for it to completely develop. After three to four months the baby will finally be able to support its own neck, and after a few more months the skull will be completely developed.

Do not shake your baby too hard

Though it may seem like a great and only option to use when your baby doesn’t stop crying, rocking them hard can cause brain damage. Though this may not be evident in the beginning, with time you may begin to notice the slow development of the baby. Do not rough play with them either, they are still too small and fragile; joints can easily be dislocated.

Take great care while giving your baby a shower

The first shower may be difficult as the baby is too small and you may feel scared to hurt the baby, but you will manage and practice will help you get better. You need to make sure a couple of things before you start with the shower: ensure that the water temperature is warm. If you fear that they will swallow the dirty water then try purifying it before use; but try your level best that they do not swallow any water. Keep in mind; you will also need to make sure that the baby’s head is stable at all times.

Wash your hands before touching the baby.

A new born baby is prone to getting various infections easily, so make sure everything around them is hygienic. You will need to make sure that the handler and you are clean at all times; keep a hand sanitizer with yourself at all times. For the first few months ensure that you do not use their towel or use yours on them as this will increase the chances of them getting any infection that you may have.

Sterilize your baby’s products

Make sure that all your baby’s products are sterilized, especially those that are to enter their mouth. This includes the likes of bottles and pacifiers. One way to do that is to purchase a sterilizer; this will make the whole process quicker and easier. Another way to go about it is by boiling water and then throwing in the products that need to get cleansed. Make sure that you do not sterilize items that are prone to melt under extreme heat; this includes the likes of teethers.

Fasten your baby into the stroller or rocker or bouncer

A new born baby will learn how to roll about in a few short months. So whenever you put your baby in any such product, make sure you strap the baby in. this will hold the baby in a stable position, making it less likely for them to fall.

Do not douse your baby in baby powder

Many doctors will tell you that baby powder is not good or your baby. This is because inhaling the powder can be harmful for the baby as it can cause breathing issues. It is best if you don’t use powder at all, but if you really want to then make sure that you use it in small amounts.

Keep a close eye on your baby’s poop

Ever since they are born, you need to keep an eye on their poop. You will need to make sure that the color of the poop remains the way it should be. Also make sure the baby makes a bowel movement within every 36 hours. No need to panic if they don’t poop for at least 3 days, but it is advisable that you get your baby to the doctor if it takes them longer than that.

Always check the temperature of the milk

If you baby is on bottle feed then always make sure that you feed them warm formula. The best way to check the warmth of the milk is by dripping a few drops of milk on your hand before feeding it to the baby. Also after every feed, be it by bottle of breastfeed make sure that you burp your baby.

We hope that the above guide has proven to be useful for you. if there is anything you feel that we missed out on, feel free to add them in the comments section; you will be helping another mother out.