Montessori at Home: Helping Your Child Learn Manners & Social Skills

Untitled design 4 1 - Montessori at Home: Helping Your Child Learn Manners & Social Skills

Home is the first school of a child. No matter which schools they go to and who they meet, their basic life and social skills will be learned and adopted from home. If you are not fond of the idea of sending your children to school even before they turn two, you are not alone. Many parents choose to home school their children and surprisingly, they benefit! Help your child learn manners and social skills at home by doing these following things.

  1. Basic Courtesy

Good manners and social skills start with polite greetings. Whenever you meet your children in the mornings greet them nicely. When you return home after your day’s work, greet them. They learn by copying and adopting your behaviours. This will help your children interact politely with everyone they meet.

  1. Model Behaviour

This could be the most difficult that parents need to do, but do it they must! Model good, acceptable behaviour by laying down rules. Your children will understand soon enough what is acceptable and what is off limits. Reward good behaviour and discourage bad manners.

  1. Reinforce Social Skills

Make sure that once you teach your children about acceptable social skills, you also tell them that they practice it continuously. This will ensure that it becomes a habit. Whenever your children go to a social gathering, they will automatically greet everyone they meet with utmost respect. Reinforcing and reminding courtesies will inhabit these skills as basic behaviour.

  1. Mealtimes

The best place to learn how to behave like a decent human at the dining table is home. No child can learn table manners at school. Make sure that you make your child sit next to you at the dinner table on his/her high chair. Children will learn that eating with family helps in bonding and will also help them learn those table manners.


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