Living With the In-Laws: The Pros and Cons

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Living in a joint family system has its own perks. It also has a lot of restrictions that can dishearten any member of the family. Looking at the society of Pakistan, living in a joint family system is very common and many people prefer living this way after getting married – for at least the initial years. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of living with the in-laws.

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The Pros

  1. Free Childcare

The best part of living in a joint family is that there will always be someone of the family to look after your baby. If you have to run errands for a few hours – leave your baby with his/her grandmother. If you need a long shower after a tiring day – leave your baby with his/her aunt. For mothers who work during the day can do so with the baby being looked after well by the grandparents.

  1. Free Cleaning

When you live in a house with others, everyone takes on the responsibility to keep it clean. This also means that when you leave the house for work, someone will have your room cleaned as well. You can of course pitch in the expenses incurred with the cleaning.

  1. Free Cooking

You can be sure that when you get home in the evening, there will be freshly cooked food available for dinner. You can take turns with others to cook so everyone works and everyone also gets a free day. Sharing the kitchen responsibilities will lead to a more peaceful and relaxed environment at home.

The Cons

  1. Tensions between the Saas and Bahu

The age-old saas-bahu tensions will never end. There will always be something or the other which would lead to a tensed environment at home. Both need to work on their relationship so the home can remain a peaceful retreat for all the members of the family.

  1. Unwanted Advice and Lessons

Parents are always on the lookout for the best for their children. They constantly bombard their children with advice and lessons which are not always welcomed. These can actually sometimes annoy the beta and bahu.

  1. Disagreement on Raising a Child

Grandparents have a lot of experience in raising children but when it comes to their grandchildren, they are a lot more afraid than they were with their own children. This leads to disagreements over how to raise the child.


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