Is Your Child Underweight? Here Is What You Need To Do

Untitled design 2 - Is Your Child Underweight? Here Is What You Need To Do

The health of your child is your utmost priority. When children refuse to eat that nutritious meal you made with such love and expectations goes down the drain – it hurts! It often leads to children losing weight as they grow older. Is your child underweight? Here is what you need to do.

Here a few simple things that you can do as a parent in order to maintain a healthy weight of your child.

  1. Set meal eating rules by ensuring that your child will not be allowed to drink water during a meal. Have your child drink water at least half an hour before he/she starts to eat. Drinking too much water between meals leads to the feeling of having a full stomach.
  2. Switch soft drinks with milkshakes and smoothies. These have high calories and taste great! If your child does not eat fruit easily, you know he/she is getting the better of the fruits but in a smoothie.
  3. Do not hesitate when spreading butter or ghee on rotis and toasts. Children can have a higher amount of good fats as they burn them off quickly. Children have a higher level of activity and loading them with good fats will not be harmful.
  4. Adding dry fruits to your child’s diet will help! Make it a habit to start the day with almonds and chewing on cashews and raisins throughout the day.
  5. Add in the goodness of vegetables in your child’s favorite pasta without him/her knowing about it. You can easily blend in the goodness of other healthy foods in the meals of your child.
  6. Have a full-fat dairy option for your child. This helps in gaining weight.
  7. Add flax seeds and wheat germ into your child’s daily diet.

You can change the eating routine of your child from one big meal to multiple smaller meals. This ensures that your child’s metabolism stays strong with the optimum amount of energy and good fats. All the best!


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