Is Gripe Water Safe for Babies?

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A newborn comes with tummy troubles which can make parents worried and lead to sleepless nights. There are many methods for soothing stomach aches and relieving gas from the tiny tummies. Gripe water is one of these solutions, but is gripe water safe?

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About Gripe Water

This is a liquid supplement which can be bought from any pharmacy. It contains sodium bicarbonate and herbs like ginger, fennel, cardamom, licorice, cloves, cinnamon, dill, chamomile, lemon balm, and/or peppermint. This serves the purpose to relief gases and pains with that of soothing pains in the gums while teething. The ingredients in gripe water also relieve colic in many cases.

The Safety of Gripe Water

This is a formula being used to calm down fussy babies since the 18th century. Back then, gripe water also contained alcohol which immediately calmed down fussy babies. Alcohol is very harmful to babies and should not be given, so gripe water now is made alcohol free.

The herbs and other ingredients help in relieving the gases and soothing colic in babies. Although, always check the ingredients before giving it to your baby. In case your baby is allergic to anything, choose a brand that does not contain that particular ingredient.

Speak to your doctor before deciding on a brand and formula. When you do decide to give it to your baby make sure that it is given in small quantities and not a substitute for milk. Babies should only be given breast milk or formula milk or a combination of the two.

Alternatives to Gripe Water

In case you are unsure about giving gripe water to your baby – although it is safe and quick remedy for digestive problems in babies, you can try other things. Massage is a great way to relieve gas and ease your baby.

Gently apply pressure with your forefingers on your baby’s tummy and move in circular motion. Also, try pushing your baby’s knees all the way up to his/her chest, you will hear the gases pass out.


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