Importance of Listening in Parenting

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Children are young and innocent and mostly thought of as naïve. Although this is mostly true, this is no excuse for ignoring what they are trying to express. Children like to talk and show what they are feeling at each moment; however, they might stop doing so if they think that they are not being given enough attention and not being heard properly. Understanding the importance of listening in parenting is crucial.

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Parents have to be vigilant in observing their children’s moods and interpreting what they are trying to communicate. Only listening to words is not enough, understanding what they mean by it and how they are feeling is the key to taking care of them appropriately.  Many time parents think that they are not able to find a solution to the predicament their child is in. This might result in the feeling that they are failing as a parent. That is not really the case though. Sometimes all a child really needs is to feel that they are being heard and loved by someone.

Listening is a difficult skill to master, especially active listening. What this entails is that parents have to keep all their emotions and judgments aside and listen with the utmost attention to what the child is saying. This will allow the child to feel safe and tell the problem they are facing in detail without any fear. The tricky part about active listening is to understand that the child might want some other solution than you. You cannot swoop and solve the situation as you please. Listen to your child and understand what they need. This will help them build trust and allow them to come to you for problems in the future.

Sometimes you don’t have enough time and listening seems trivial. It is not trivial at all. It saves you from many things that you might face in the future if you ignore it currently. The child who is heard more, grow up to be calmer and listen more to their parents as well. So listening to children will lead to them listening to you and respecting you without you demanding their respect. This keeps the environment peaceful in your house, and the children never feel the need to rebel to prove their point or gain attention.

Being objective is crucial in active listening and allows your child to learn to deal with their feelings and not hide away emotions. A child’s emotional development is essential to living a happy and peaceful life. Emotions show that we are human and there is nothing wrong with showing what you feel. What is needed is a proper outlet to express it. Suppressing emotions has a substantial negative impact on child development. So, be the outlet that your child needs to pour out their feelings to understand what they need. This will yield surprising results for you and make parenting more manageable for you as well.


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