Importance Of Emotional Care By Fathers


Husband and wife are considered to be the “two wheels of the same cart” with their equallydistributed roles and responsibilities in different matters. Each of them also has to play his/her role in issues related to their children such as birth, mental and physical development, dealing with their psychological issues, etc. However, love and emotional care are generally considered to be associated with the mother who, to me, is a fallacy.

Being a father of two young daughters and a son, I learned through my experience that father’s love is not detachable from true parental care. As toddlers and teenagers, there are moments when your child might feel depressed or irritated for the reasons known only to him. He cannot express his feelings – may be, he does not really know what he wants. Such situations cannot be handled rationally by any father or mother.

You cannot ask them to put forth their demands or the reasons for what they are actually protesting. You have to dive deep into their emotional patterns of perceiving the things to understand what actually they are mourning over and how to calm their nerves. They might be receiving quality mother care, but they may still feel incomplete without the emotional support on the part of their fathers.

Let’s view the scenario from a logical perspective. Usually, father’s role is considered confined to materialistic provisions while a mother is mainly supposed to be the supplier of all the love and emotional needs. As the children grow up, they start getting self-reliant. They need no more financial support as they can live on their own. It implies that they also don’t need the sources of financial assistance anymore. What it actually means is that the father’s role (as per widespread misconception) comes to an end in such scenario.

However, they can never be self-reliant when it comes to emotional longings and love. They are always dependent on the sources to which they are familiar since their childhood. It means that they are still attached to their mothers. Forget not that fathers, too, need emotional support as they get old. But the children will feel emotionally attached to them only if they had ever been in emotional bonds with their fathers in their early years.
So, let you and your children live a complete life by understanding the emotional needs of your children. It pays off!