How to Take Care of Kids When You Have a Migraine

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A migraine is a terrible condition which can cloud your judgement and make you vulnerable at any time. Surviving a migraine attack for mothers who are looking after the wellbeing of their children can be very tough. Here are five ways that can help you look after the children while surviving a migraine.

  1. Be Prepared

If you have been diagnosed with a migraine make sure that you keep yourself prepared at all times. Keep your medicines in handy and easily reachable at home. Whenever you can feel a migraine coming, make sure that you immediately take the recommended medicines. This will help you reduce the stress and panic when a migraine strikes.

  1. Shortcut Meals

As a busy mother of children running around, make sure that you have shortcuts available to ensure that a hot meal can be put on the table with little effort. The best way is to stock up some meal in the freezer so, in times like these, you can quickly take them out, heat it and serve.

  1. Keep Children Busy

Make sure that your children can entertain themselves on their own. Make a list of things and always keep it on a wall. Your children can refer to it when they are bored and you cannot give them the time they need. Playing board games with other or watching a movie quietly can help both your children and you to calm down and relax.

  1. Take Help

Always ask for help! If you live in a joint family, there is no greater help with the children than asking from the grandparents or the aunts and uncles. If you live alone, ask your husband to take care of the needs of your children while you take time to rest.

  1. Siblings Involvement

Older siblings can be of great help to you. Ask the older ones to heat the food or to order a home delivery. Also, ask them to keep the younger ones engaged by playing with them and helping with homework. Make sure that your children know the limits that you have set on what games can be played and which movies can be watched.


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