How to Stop Being an Angry Mom

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There is nothing worse than the feeling of guilt after an angry outburst at the children. It takes a lot of patience to deal with the constant demands of little humans. Maintaining positivity at all times helps children grow up to be happy adults. Here are a few tips on how to stop being an angry mom.

  1. Stay Away from Feelings that Trigger Anger

Being alert and aware of things that can trigger anger helps a lot. Common things like being fatigued, hungry or even feeling lonely can lead to angry behaviour. If you try and control these physical and psychological facts, it would be very easy to control with anger.

  1. Plan the Day Ahead

Although planning a day and following the day with children is near to impossible, try it. Plan ahead about the things which will happen and how you will deal with it. Plan healthy lunches and a few snacks in between in order to keep the triggers under control. This will also prevent things from happening which are likely to set you off.

  1. Keep Your Physical and Emotional needs Met

Ensure your own wellbeing. Becoming a mother often means letting go off things that you loved doing before. Make sure that if you like painting, take time out every day and paint. This is therapy itself and you will feel much more positive. Look after your diet, health and beauty. Go for walks and runs and shopping.

  1. Keep those Negative Thoughts at Bay

Constantly remind yourself that you are doing a great job! Keep feelings of despair at bay. Allow positivity to fill your mind and watch as it sends lights of hope and thankfulness to reach your entire body.  You will feel much more relaxed and in return, your children will not see that angry mom.

  1. Try and Cope

In anger, we often say and do things that we do not mean. During an angry outburst, make sure that you control your words and actions. These times have a negative impact on the minds of the children. Ensure positivity at all times.


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