How to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

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Picky eaters are the most difficult eaters that parents have to deal with. Whatever you make and put in front of them, your children are bound to find a way to avoid it. There will always be an excuse to dodge eating their food. When it comes to trying new foods, it is almost out of question for picky eaters to even try it. Here are 6 tips on letting picky eaters try new foods.

  1. Two Bites

A trick is to tell them to try to two bites. There is no way that a child can say he/she doesn’t like a particular food as they don’t try it first. Win this argument by asking them to take 2 bites first.

  1. Smell it, Lick it, Touch it

Allow your child to play with this new food first before putting it in their mouth. Suppress your gag reflex while you watch your child play with their food and make a mess out of it.

  1. Swap the Spoon

A very common thing that children do is asking for that different spoon or fork or plate. Give in, your child just might try the new food using that yellow spoon instead of the blue.

  1. Repeat

Try and try again harder. You must be familiar with the statement that a child usually takes 15 to 20 tries before eating a new food. We are with you on this, and we give you a standing ovation for your patience.

  1. Get Your Child Involved

Even when your child does not eat a certain food, have him/her help you prep it. This gives your child the comfort of knowing what they are about to eat.

  1. Start Small

Never give your child heaps of the new food to try. Start small by giving tiny portions and then allowing them to ask for more. This will make them comfortable with the new food without getting overwhelmed.


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