Health Challenges That Come With Aging For Men

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Much is said and written about women’s and mother’s health on social/electronic media and world forums but very rarely do we see anyone highlighting the health of men/fathers in general. Yes, we do have health moots of some specific illnesses but they are applicable to all. Men tend to ignore themselves and visit doctors only when a common illness becomes worse. They seem to focus more on their roles as fathers, sons or husbands and professional duties and their health come much behind in their priorities in life. But in real life, there are certain health challenges that come with aging for men and they must not ignore these.

As men approach their 40’s, most of them are susceptible to health challenges discussed below:


The little strawberry shaped pink muscle throbbing behind the left-side of your ribs can start playing games with your health if you do not have a healthy lifestyle. Often heart problems go undetected until they worsen and finally show up as heart attack or blocked arteries. Most of the cardiovascular diseases are a result of bad cholesterol. And this bad cholesterol can happen not just because of eating the wrong food but also because of stress and smoking.

So here is what you can do to control it; And you can start it as soon as you embark on the  25th year in your life:

  • Quit smoking
  • Eat fiber-rich diet
  • Exercise: a good workout at the gym between half an hour to one hour daily or a brisk walk for 30 minutes will help you keep fit and burn those extra calories.
  • Keep blood pressure under control through diet and exercise, and medication, if needed.
  • Allocate time for pursuing activities that make you happy.


Take care of your filters. Your lungs suffer the most if you smoke. The carbon and nicotine from smoking can form layers on your lungs leading to bronchial illnesses with tuberculosis and lung cancer being the extreme of it. If you smoke do get periodic checkups to make sure your lungs are fine. The best advice is: to quit it at once!


Diabetes can occur in men with following conditions:

  • Age over 40
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure/cholesterol
  • Fatigued

Diabetes can lead to other health problems such as low vision, skin, urological, cardio and kidney diseases.

To reduce risks of diabetes do adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily, eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

Prostate Problems

Prostate problems are more likely to happen with a man’s advancement in age. Men above 50 are more susceptible to it. It can be hereditary and it is more common among Afro-American men compared to light-skinned people. It is a slow disease and therefore mortality rate due to prostate cancer is one in thirty-five.

It can also happen to men who eat fatty foods and too much of dairy products.

Its symptoms include frequent urination, blood in urine, painful or frequent urination or total inability to urinate, painful ejaculation, backache coupled with pain in legs, pelvis, and rectum.

A tissue biopsy and ultrasound can be done to detect a prostate problem. It can be treated by surgery, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

Exercising and eating healthy with a focus on fiber-rich and plant food and cutting on dairy products can keep prostate healthy and under check.

Depression and Anxiety Among Men Over 50

Depression is one of the major problems among men above 50. It’s kind of mid-life crisis. Depression can happen due to age-related hormonal problems as well as adverse experiences in life.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety include low self-esteem, negative thoughts about self or people/situations, loss of motivation and interest in life, sleeping disorder and avoidance of social activities.

If you find any of these symptoms in you do not neglect and consult a doctor. Depression is treatable and one can lead a happy healthy life after treatment. Treatment could include medication and therapies.

Other health problems that men face as they age also include balding, tooth and gum decay, obesity and eyesight. But at the crux of it you will find one common advice; eat healthy fiber-rich diet, exercise daily and stop worrying. You will definitely be adding more healthy years to your life by following these simple advice.


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