Hazards of Passive Smoking

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Parents! Are any of you a smoker? Stop please.

While you are at health risks due to your smoking, it poses a bigger risk to your baby and spouse. Yes those who live in an environment where someone smokes as a matter of routine, though they will never smoke themselves, are at a major risk of contracting illnesses related to chest and lung infections.

When a person smokes in a closed environment such as a bedroom or living room or while driving in a car, the smoke from the cigarette enters the air around and people sharing the same space keep inhaling the contaminated air. These people could be your baby, older kids and spouse. Do you realize what health hazards you are exposing them to by smoking around them?

Let’s see what happens when a person smokes in a closed environment

  • Smoke from cigarette has chemicals and particles in which causes it to hang in mid-air, rather than rise up and disperse. In fact actually this smoke descends down creating a cloud of smoke in the room. The other people in the room have no other option but to breathe in the same air.
  • Tobacco itself contains some 7000 chemicals which when burned give out poisonous gasses. That is why the passive smoker, (one sharing the space with the active smoker) is exposed to the dangers of chest and lung diseases which can lead to lung Cancer.
  • The smoke from cigarette contains compounds such as sulphur and ammonia, which when mixed in air can cause eye, nose and throat infections. If a child or person already suffers from bronchial infections or asthma, this smoke only worsens their condition.
  • So if your baby is coughing continuously, has a runny nose or watery eyes, and you are smoking in the same room, it is only you to be blamed for her bad health condition. Same applies to your spouse and other members of your family. Your smoking is pushing them towards bad health symptoms.
  • Passive smoking poses heart risks. People who live in an environment where others smoke are at cardiac problems as the smoke when enters their lungs, gets absorbed in blood, making it thicker and sticky leading to heart attack and cardiac arrest.
  • People who live in smoky environment are 20% to 30% more at risk of lung cancer.
  • Passive smoking can also lead to illnesses such as sinus, nasal cancer, throat cancer and asthma.
  • Children exposed to passive smoking since the early months of their lives are likely to develop Bronchitis, pneumonia and chronic ENT problems by the time they become two years old.
  • Women who smoke during pregnancy run the risk of miscarriage & still birth, complications during pregnancy including premature birth, low birth weight and SIDS( sudden infant death syndrome)

So please for the love of your family, quit smoking!

And if you find it really hard to give up on smoking than at least spare your family of its hazards and make sure that you do not smoke in closed environments. Better if you don’t smoke at all when the family is around, after all you don’t want your toddler to admire you as a smoker and copy your act in person as he grows older.


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