Hair-Dos for Toddler Girls

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The tresses on your cute little girl’s head, no matter long or short, can be made into interesting styles depending on hair type and the shape of their face. Unlike boys, who usually have cropped hairs, there is so much you can do with a girl’s hair.  I just love those, dark or light tresses donned into ponies or braids and adorned with cute fancy clips and hair bands on young girls.

So if your fairy has till now carried simple short cut hair, do try one of the styles discussed below to give them a changed, sweeter look.

Long Straight Hair Clasped With a Hair Band

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This style looks good on all girls with long hair. A Band looks equally good on curly hairs too. You can use a variety of hair-bands made of plastic or cloth, which can be plain or studded with beads, flowers, cute imitations of fruits or animals and some that look like a floral wreath!

Get the hair cropped straight at the end of the tresses or you can have them cut in a U or V shape. Long hair looks good on all kinds of face shapes.

The French Cut

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A French-Cut looks very good when the hair is thin and straight. You can complete a little girl’s French-Cut look by keeping the hair length a little below the shoulders cut into straight fringe and keeping short straight fringes covering the area from forehead till the brows.

This style looks good on girls having a round, heart or oval shaped face.


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A  bob-cut is similar to French cut as it too is done with short fringes on the forehead while the length of the rest of the hair is kept at a little above shoulder and below the ear-lobes. This is a very popular haircut for toddler girls.

It is good for straight hair and suits all shapes of the face like round, oval, narrow or heart face.

Boy-Cut Style

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The most convenient style that mothers go for as it is easier to maintain and clean such hair. Hairs are cut around the face, ears, and neck to keep them short. Cropped hair or boy-cut is suitable for both straight or curly hair and looks good on oval, round, heart-shaped face alike.

Tie a Bun for Curly Hair

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For medium, to short length curly hair, you can comb and gather hair in a ponytail and then wind them into a bun right on top of the head with the help of clips. This will give a nice, slick look to the girl.

A Fountain Tail for Her

image 4 360x400 - Hair-Dos for Toddler Girls

Comb all hair. Part hair in a circular motion from around the top of the head and gather in a ponytail. Let the rest fall sideways.  Looks very good on girls with shorter hair as the pony stands up like a date palm tree on their head! Use pretty ponies and bands to clasp the hair.

No matter which hairstyle you give to your darling girl, make sure she feels easy with it and fringes of hair do not cover her eyes. The best thing about a girl’s hair is you can always give her hair a refreshing style by using colorful clips, hair bands, and ponies.


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