Encouraging Daughters to not be Afraid of Speaking Up

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In this day and age, it is essential for girls not to be afraid of raising their voice when needed. Girls are usually taught to be understanding and to compromise when needed to avoid conflict. But this approach has resulted in many negative consequences.

Girls suppress their feelings even when they want to express something or are uncomfortable in a situation. They feel obligated to try and solve every problem even if it is someone else’s fault or responsibility. The world we live in now does not wait around for people who do not stand up for themselves. Such people are easily used and stepped on by others. Hence, encouraging daughters not to be afraid of speaking up is necessary.

Being confident does not mean that our daughters will turn out to be disrespectful. Confidence is just being comfortable in one’s skin and believing in oneself. The only way our daughters will learn to speak up is if they are grown up to be confident. This starts from a very young age.

At home, a daughter’s opinion should be given the same value as a son’s opinion. Their opinion should not be set aside as being naïve. Instead, if you feel that you disagree or you think your daughter lacks clarity about an issue, then you should discuss it with her while giving importance to her opinion. This will encourage her to share her views even when they feel that others might disagree with or encourage them to ask questions when they want to understand something new.

They should also be taught that is okay to make mistakes. A person learns a lot from mistakes and failures, and it is only human to fail at some point in life. Girls sometimes feel obligated to be perfect at everything they do. However, when they are not able to do something perfectly, they sometimes give up on that thing altogether rather than trying again.

Daughters should be taught to make decisions and stick to that decision. In the end, if it doesn’t work out, then they should learn from it and move on. All this is only possible if they are confident and believe in themselves.

This way your daughter will truly know how to speak up for herself and stand by her decisions when others are doubtful. They will be comfortable making their own mistakes and learning from them. Confidence is the key to her independence. It will give them wings to fly and indeed live her life to the fullest.


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