Easy Exercises to Prepare For Labor and Delivery

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The last trimester of one’s pregnancy somehow always seems to drag on. The mom’s belly bulges out making her movements restricted and she really wishes that the time to give birth approaches sooner. While you wait for the day of delivery, you can start a program of daily exercise to prepare for easier delivery.

Put on some music that you love, use those headphones while you walk and go about doing these easy relaxing exercises which will be very helpful in keeping you fit for the labor.

Please do consult your gynecologist before embarking on this mission!

Hiking/Power Walking

This is one good exercise that all pregnant women can do safely unless they are advised bed rest by their doctors. A simple power walks daily, at a pace that you can manage easily is a good way to prepare for labor. A power walk is based on the natural walking speed of an individual and does not mean you have to zip fast on a track! Half an hour of power walk daily in the final days of pregnancy, which can be divided into two sessions according to one’s ease, will help a mom induce natural labor on time. Even during active labor, walking will help the mother reach easier dilation and will usually move the baby to an ideal position for birth.

Pelvic Rock

Pelvic rock is usually done usually face down while bending on all four hands and legs. No, we will not do it this way in the third trimester. Rather it will be very opposite. Using the clean floor one needs to lie on their back with face towards the ceiling. Next, bend the knees arching them while keeping the feet in a relaxed state on the floor. Keep the shoulders relaxed and palms of the hands flat on the floor. Using hands and knees push your back up to a level that is easy for you. Do not push yourself too hard. Gently lower yourself again. Repeat. Do it 10-20 times in the start moving on to 30-40 times daily till your delivery day.

Climb Those Stairs

If you have a staircase in your living unit, you are blessed! It’s one of the best exercises anyone can do. Going up and down that flight of stairs, several times a day is a good exercise for all and especially so good for expectant mothers. Holding the railing climb up and down the staircase twice, at an easy pace. Relax. Repeat it with intervals at least three times a day. You can increase or decrease the repeats according to your body response. It helps your pelvic region and also in positioning the baby for an easy labor.


Most women from the Asian and African countries use local toilets minus the western commodes (WC). This means they squat to relieve themselves. The practice continues even when they are pregnant! So if anyone tells you not to squat and say it’s not safe please note that it is very natural and safe for you and everyone until and unless one has been diagnosed with a health problem which bars you from doing so. To do the exercise squat on the floor with both legs apart at a relaxed distance, your knees bent and hips not touching the floor, your hands resting on top of the knees. Remain in this position for 5-10 seconds or until you can bear it easily. Get back to standing position. Relax and then repeat. Repeat five times initially in one session and increase to 10-20 times per day. Alternatively, you can use a good chair to help you squat. Holding the top of the chair from its back with your hands, bend your knees in a squatting position while sliding your hands down the frame of the chair as you do so. Stand and repeat. This exercise helps your muscles around the pelvic area to expand and relax and causes the baby to move in a suitable position causing easy labor.


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