Does Shaving Baby’s Head Multiple Times Helps in Hair Growth? Myth VS Facts

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One of the major dilemmas of becoming a parent in Pakistan is having unsolicited advice thrown at you. Whether you are the father or the mother – people around you will tell you what you must do and what you must not. One of the most popular advice would be “isko ganja karwao. Das, bara dafa karwaoge tab jaaker iske baal ghane honge.” Really? No, not really.

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The Myth

According to old wife’s tale, shaving a baby’s head multiple times leads to thicker hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. In Pakistan, a new baby probably visits the barber more times than he/she ever will within the next 10 years of his/her life.

By the time the baby is 6 months old, his/her head has been shaved at least 8 times! Some prefer to keep shaving the head until they children grow up to be 5 years of age. What does science say about this?

The Fact

According to scientific research, the quality and the quantity of the hair on a baby’s head is determined when the baby is developing inside the womb. Shaving the head has no effect on the hair growth of the baby. It does however, increase the cost of visiting the barber again and again and putting your baby in distress!

The genetics will determine the looks of a baby. The shape of the nose, the color of the hair and the quantity, the height and weight are absolutely dependent on the genetics of the parents. There is no reason to believe that shaving the head of the baby multiple times will actually increase the hair growth.

Allow Your to Baby Grow at a Natural Pace

Babies usually take up to a year and a half (for some babies it is more than that), to have a fully covered head with hair. This is normal, when the baby cannot lift his/her head, the hair on the back of the head do not grow. Once the baby is able to roll over and hold his/her head up for a few minutes, the hair then start to cover the back of the head.

Just like a baby takes time to grow other things like height, sight and speech, it takes time for the hair to completely grow.


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