Do Fathers Treat their Daughters Differently than Sons?

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Research has shown that fathers treat their daughters and sons differently which is a leading cause of biased development in children. The study was conducted with fathers spending time with their daughters and then with their sons for 48 hours. The conversations they had were entirely different which is the basis of the result do father treat their sons and daughters differently?

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Gender-Based Expectations

Gender stereotyping starts at home where parents expect different kinds of behaviors from their daughters and sons. The typical expectations for boys not to play with dolls and girls not to get involved in physically risky sports still exists.

Each child should be treated differently catering to the different needs accordingly. Fathers are able to cater to this difference naturally without even realizing. The different use of words and tone was clearly visible in this study.

Father’s Connection

Fathers do not actually accept this fact which is understandable. The interactions by parents with their young children is not a determinant of their parenting style. Whatever interaction a father does with his children when they are young will not determine how they grow up to be.

The study showed that fathers talked to their daughters using complex words which included emotions while simpler words which included competition with their sons. These gender-based differences lead to a life of children understanding what is expected from them. The response of the father is also different from his daughter than his son. The brain activity was also monitored to understand the visible reactions.


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