Disposable Diaper v/s Cloth Diaper: Pros & Cons

Untitled design 38 - Disposable Diaper v/s Cloth Diaper: Pros & Cons

New parents have many choices to consider which directly includes their baby. One such decision that needs the parents’ attention is whether to use the cloth diaper or a disposable one. Here are the detailed pros and cons of both.

Cloth Diapers


  1. You will save both time and money that comes from making trips to the grocery store every now and then to purchase fresh diapers. You can stock up on them at once.
  2. On days when it is hot, your baby doesn’t need to wear anything else! That cloth diaper is too cute to hide!
  3. The overall cost of disposable diapers is much higher than those of cloth diapers. You can save tons of money on this one!


  1. It increases your laundry load, obviously!
  2. You will need to buy extra ones every now and then as your baby grows older.
  3. After spending a day outside, you will be coming home carrying smelly diapers with you – and on a typical day, more than 2.
  4. Some cloth diapers are not as absorbent as disposable diapers which can lead to nappy rashes. You cannot use a rash cream with a cloth diaper.

Disposable Diapers


  1. They’re convenient and easy to change.
  2. Travelling with disposable diapers is easy! You don’t have to bring back dirty diapers at home.
  3. You will be changing fewer diapers in a day. A disposable diaper has an ultra-absorbent inner line that absorbs the wetness keeping the skin safe.
  4. Fewer diaper rashes as they’re good at absorbing moisture.


  1. Some babies have allergic problems which can get worse with disposable diapers.
  2. The ultra-absorbing lining in disposables can also make potty training harder. Toddlers are less likely to feel the wetness and get uncomfortable.
  3. The cost of diapers during the first 2 years of a baby’s life is too much. You need to use one until your baby is potty trained.

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