Daily Care Routines for Your Toddler

16b - Daily Care Routines for Your Toddler

Managing a toddler is not easy; they are full of energy and drive and want to climb everything and run about. Your house will be a total mess to which your toddler will somehow keep on adding. But do not let that deter you from taking care of your child, no matter how stressed you are over the mess.

There are a few things that you should ensure that your toddler does or you do for them every day. These will ensure their hygiene, lessening the chances of them falling ill. The list is quite long so make sure you mark this page so you can visit frequently until you have all the things memorized. If you find it easier to note them down, then grab a pen and paper and start making the list.

Your check list of the toddlers daily care routine should include the following:

Bath Time

Make sure that you bathe your child at least once every day. If your toddler goes to school then you may find it difficult to shower him in the morning, which makes an early night or late evening bath the perfect time. If you prefer giving your child a shower in the morning then it is a good idea to give them a small shower or wash before bedtime as well, right before changing them into fresh clothes. This will have a calming effect on them and will make comfortable to sleep soundlessly throughout the night.

Diaper Change

Diaper should be changed whenever the toddler has pooped. It is a good idea to replace the diaper after every 3-4 hours to ensure that they stay dry and rash free. If your child is not bugged with a slightly wet diaper then let them sleep throughout the night without changing it much; they will not be bugged to wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for the rest.

Brushing Teeth

This is going to be a challenge. You must use a toddlers brush for their teeth and brush them every day twice a day so that they develop the habit of doing so themselves as they grow up. At this point they will want to brush themselves; let them do so, just make sure to brush them yourself right afterwards as well. Also make sure to use none fluoride toothpaste till your toddler turns three since they will be more keen on swallowing the toothpaste before that.

Personal Hygiene

This factor is something you must be very careful about. Toddlers love to explore and in that they will touch things that are loaded with germs, it is best to wash their hands and feet frequently throughout the day. Make sure they do not put dirty stuff in their mouth or it will cause tummy problems in the future. If you have any pets, them make sure that they are clean for your toddler to touch, and hide their food in a place that they can access it but the child cannot.

Sickness Preventive Measures

Illness preventive measures must be taken. In Pakistan various viruses and bacteria spread every day. It is best to keep your child away from someone who is sick. Apply products to keep mosquitoes and other dangerous insects away from them. If you or someone in your house is sick, then wear a mask to prevent the germs from spreading about.

Dressing Up

Getting dressed is the part of the day no toddler really enjoys, they eventually want to run away. But it is up to you to make sure that they dress up in neat and freshly washed and ironed clothes. Some children may develop skin irritation because their clothes may not be washed properly; make sure that all the detergent is properly washed out of their clothes and they are nice and soft. Also make sure that you dress the child according to the temperature outside; dress cool if it’s hot and vice versa if it’s cold.

Eating and Drinking

Make sure your toddler eats the required amount of feed per day and they get enough water to drink as well. They will need proper meals per day at least thrice a day. Make sure you serve them nutritious and healthy food. Milk should be a constant part of their diet plan. Water should be given to them as well, at least 2 glasses per day. Make sure that you do not give them any junk food or soda drinks. Various foods such as fries and other products can be given on special occasions or as a treat after a few days have passed.


Injuries need to be taken care of at the earliest in order to avoid infections. If your child gets hurt, make sure you cleanse the injury, you can use Dettol for it. If the injury is deeper, then take your toddler to the doctor immediately. Do not panic when your child suffers from an injury as it will not allow you to think properly enough to take care of the situation.

The Environment

Environmental cleanliness is very important as your child plays in that environment, make sure that your house and room is clean at all times. Use a good surface cleaner which is sure to kill all the bacteria present in the house.

If you manage to follow all these instructions you will be able to raise a good healthy toddler in no time.


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