Cold Soups for Suhur and Iftaar

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Ramadan for past few years have been falling in summers and this year the summer appears to be hotter than ever. So maybe Ramadan too is going to be tougher this year! really care about you and hopes your Rozas are cool and allow you all the ease to focus on prayers and spirituality, so we have come up with some easy to make and tasty cold soup recipes for you which will make your Shuhur and Iftaar delightful and fulfilling.

Pumpkin Yogurt Soup


Yogurt: 4 Cups

Pumpkin (Lauki): shredded and boiled, 3 cups.

Salt & Black Pepper: to taste

White cumin (zeera): roasted and powdered 2 tsp

Sugar: 2 flat tsp (optional)

Lemon Juice: few drops (optional)

Ice-cubes: half tray


Put yogurt in a large serving bowl. Whisk till it’s creamy. Add seasonings, sugar, zeera, and pumpkin. Mix well. Add ice-cubes and mix gently. Sprinkle lemon juice on top and refrigerate. You can sprinkle red pepper flakes on top if you prefer it spicier. It is equally good for Sehri and Iftar.

Cold Tomato Cucumber Soup

Ripe tomatoes: half kg. Washed and finely diced.

Cucumber: cut into 1/4th inch chunks.

Butter: two tsp

Cooking oil/olive oil: one tablespoon

Bread slices: four. Cut into inch sized squares

Black Pepper and Salt: to taste

White vinegar: two tsp

Sugar: two tsp (optional)


Put tomatoes, seasonings and olive oil/Cooking Oil in the blender and blend till pureed well. Pour into the serving bowl and add vinegar. You can make it in the night for Sehri. The vinegar will keep your pureed tomatoes fresh. Refrigerate. When you need to serve it add diced cucumber to it. Prepare your bread croutons in advance in the night. Fry these in butter in a frying-pan, on low heat, on both sides until crisp. Store the prepared croutons in a plastic zipper when cool. At Sehri or Iftar serve the cold tomato-cucumber soup with croutons on a platter.

Cold Melon Soup

Melon: medium sized one

Salt: to taste

Sugar: two tablespoons (optional)

Apple cider vinegar: two teaspoon


Lemon Juice: two teaspoon


Cut the peeled melon into small chunks. Set aside ½  cup of these chunks. Place the rest in a blender with salt and sugar. Add 1/4th cup water and blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and add lemon juice or vinegar. Mix well. Refrigerate until Iftar. Add the chunks you had set aside only when ready to serve. Enjoy your refreshing melon soup. You can add a sprinkle of black pepper or chaat masala for added taste.

 Cream of Spinach & Chickpea Cold Soup


Chicken stock: three cups

Boiled spinach leaves: two cup

Chickpeas (cholay): boiled one cup

Butter: one tablespoon

Cooking oil: just enough to brush the base of a frying pan.

Maida (plain white floor): two heaped teaspoon + one tablespoon

Salt & Black pepper: one teaspoon each

Vinegar white: one tablespoon

Chicken cube: one

Yogurt: one cup

Lemon:  one diced into quarters

Ginger powder: one teaspoon


Roast two tsp of flour with butter for 10-20 seconds. Add chicken stock and bring to boil while stirring to keep lumps from forming. Add the chicken cube. As it thickens turn the heat off. Blend the spinach with yogurt and keep aside. Use one tablespoon Maida to coat your chickpeas well. In a hot frying pan smeared with a few drops of oil put thechickpeass and roast them while stirring for a minute. Dish out and let cool. When the chicken stock soup has cooled, add blended spinach to it. Add seasonings and ginger powder and vinegar, according to the recipe or adjust to your own taste. Mix well with a spoon. Add chick peas. Refrigerate. It is very good for Sehri and keeps you filled. You can have it with croutons.

Tips To Remember:

Make fruit soups preferably only an hour before serving to keep them fresh.

Discard left-over fresh fruit and vegetable soups after eight hours of preparation. They leave out water and separate making it unhealthy for consumption.

Cooked cold soups are better if had within24 hours.

Adding vinegar or lemon juice prevents the soup from going bad or decaying.


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