Be the Proud Father of Your Little Girl


It is said that daughters are closer to their fathers than to their mothers. For the fathers, their daughters are their little princesses and the sense of protection they develop for these little girls cannot be met in any other relationship. A girl always looks up to her father as her role model and it is up to the dad to create and maintain that perfect father figure for her. Even if you realize that you are not perfect, but for her you will always be.

Girls grow faster, mature faster and learn faster than boys, so it is up to you to clean up your act so that they can base their world around you. In a little while they will start judging all other men based on the characteristics that you display in front of them.

The way you react around their mother and how you behave with the mother is what they will feel is the right way a woman should be dealt with. Hence, it is your responsibility to make the best of it so your daughter can learn the best and understand how a woman should be treated so in the future she can look for such a quality in a man.

A girl wants her father to be involved in all of her activities so pay extra attention to her. What you may have learnt about females from your mother, sister or wife, will never be the same as to how you feel towards your daughter and what she expects from you, neither can you apply those learning with her.

Express yourself around your daughter, keep encouraging her, it is you who will end up boosting her ego and self esteem the most; a crucial part of her character building.

Your daughter will expect a lot from you in terms of love, affection, care, and all the positive emotions that she may feel. You will need to be able to express yourself to her so that she knows she is receiving all that from you.

One thing she needs to know from you the most is that you will always be there for her no matter what.

So tell her this every chance you get. If she gets into trouble or any crisis, don’t be mad at her, be gentle and tell her you are with her in her time of need. Your shoulder will be the best pillow she could find to cry on.

In a world full of turmoil that she will endure in the future, it is you she will depend on, your steadfastness and your guidance. Your unconditional love will be everything for her and what she will look up to every moment of her life.

Be involved in her life constantly. Take her out to different places, enjoy life with her, and undertake different physical activities with her. Show her you’re there for her by showing up at her school play, by taking her to her friend’s birthday party, may be a lunch date now and then when you pick her up from school. Mould your relationship with her and make an example out of yourself for her. She will always look up to you and love you unconditionally.