Be the Proud Father of Your Little Boy


To have your son develop healthy emotionally, physically and intellectually, you have to be a part of his daily life. Though boys tend to be closer to their mother, this in no way means that you are not required.

Your steady guidance, set of rules define a boy’s life and how he will grow up to be. You will be the person who will mold the path for him which he will follow to become the man that he is supposed to be.

You will always have a powerful influence on your boy’s character. A boy learns from his father about the way a man should act in different situations, about a man’s likes and dislikes, and over all how to become a man. You will need to become an example for your son to follow which will determine how he turns out to be. If you are good, he will be good and/or vice versa. So it is your job to become his role model and teach him to become a perfect gentleman.

Teach your son the importance of respect for others. What he sees; what you do and how you are behaving, is what he will believe is right. He will eventually carry out the same behavior with others, so tell him how and whom he should respect. Try not to lose your patience in front of him, and if you do make sure he knows you made a mistake and that he should never follow your mistake.

Tell your son the importance of being kind and courageous and become a good person as the world lacks such people. Show him what compassion is and teach him to carry that forward and practice it towards people and animals.

All boys learn from their fathers and look at their fathers as disciplinarians, so set up some rules for them to follow and if they don’t tell them that it was not okay. It is your job to make a good man out of your son so make sure that you give it your 100%.