Age-by-Age Guide on Teaching Your Child Table Manners

Untitled design 41 - Age-by-Age Guide on Teaching Your Child Table Manners

Table manners are very important! Teaching children about table manners goes a long way for them and here is a guide that will help you teach your children this important part of growing up.


Toddlers need a constant reminder to behave. It’s up to the parents to set mealtime rules right from the start. It means showing your children what you expect from them and what will be the consequences if they don’t follow these rules.


At this stage, children become picky eaters and attention seekers. Sit down with them before mealtimes and tell them what you expect. Write down or draw pictures about table manners so when they come to the table, they know what to do. Ask them to go over the rules. When they follow the rules, make sure you appreciate it and give them a kind word for it.

Little Child

Bad or poor conversations are common in this age group. Parents should invest time and energy in explaining what is expected from the children at the dinner table. Also, add the type of conversations that should take place while having a meal. Ensure to keep your questions open-ended so they explain instead of saying Yes, No and Fine.

Big Child

By this age, children should be well trained for the table manners. At this age, children are also keen on spending more time glued to their screens. Ensure that mealtime is tech-free times as well where the entire family will talk about their day. Ask them to act like adults and use their cutlery properly. Also, teach them to wait until everyone is served and only eat when everyone is eating.


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