A Deadly Diseases ‘’Sepsis”

Untitled design 2 - A Deadly Diseases ‘’Sepsis”

Sepsis is a life-threatening infection, it can occur in anyone be it an adult, child, or an elderly of any age group. The symptoms may vary according to the condition and some people might face a higher risk of infection.

The bacterial and viral infections are the main cause of sepsis which enters in the body through a wound.

It is reported that a 4-year-old girl was hospitalized for five days with sepsis. Her body got infected because the germs entered her body through a wound. The girl reportedly tried on a pair of new shoes without wearing socks. She had wound on her foot which served as a passageway for the bacteria to enter her body.

Sepsis is not like a runny nose or cold which can be stopped within an hour. It is an infectious agent which can be dangerous for the body. Many cases are reported as a septic shock in ERs which becomes a cause of multiple organ failure and is fatal. So here is a guideline on how to prevent yourself and your family from sepsis.

Sepsis is your body’s response to an infection, and it usually includes a fever, increased heart rate and heavier breathing, and changes in blood pressure. The body’s immune system becomes weak which may lead to other symptoms like a redness, swelling, rash or even discharge (pus) from the wound. Diabetic, burn victims and kids on medication are at higher risk. So if you suspect your child has an infection do not wait to take them to the nearest hospital. Immediate action should be taken to keep your child safe from severe sepsis.


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