7th Grader Quits Life over Low Marks

Untitled design 11 - 7th Grader Quits Life over Low Marks

Muhammad Sheeraz, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide when he was unable to score the expected marks in his final exams. The 7th grader got his results and before his parents could even see it, they found him hanging from the ceiling fan of his room.

Being an adoptive son of Shahdad, the boy was under immense pressure for scoring high marks in the exams. His father promised to give him whatever he demanded if he scored high marks in the finals. Sheeraz was unable to score the expected marks and got really depressed.

Take a minute to picture the pressure and the mindset of this child who must have gone through immense pressure to take such a big step. The suicide rates in Pakistan are increasing steeply and the highest percentage of these deaths are aged under 18-years-old.

The death of Sheeraz has raised concern over the kind of pressure and psychological violence that we – parents create at home. Proper counseling for the parents is in need for these rates to go down.


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