7 Signs That Your Child Loves You

Untitled design 8 - 7 Signs That Your Child Loves You

Every new parent is skeptical about how they are doing their job. Here are 7 ways to tell how adored you are by your baby.

  1. Your Baby Stares in Your Eyes

When babies are born, they gaze at the faces and the face of a parent is their favorite. That soulful gaze is a survival instinct that babies are born with and it is present to attract love and attention from the caregiver. Your baby is learning to love you and realizing how important you are in his/her life.

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  1. Your Baby Recognizes your Smell

If given the chance, your baby will choose your sweaty shirt to smell and calm him/herself down instead of smelling a dozen roses or a bowl of tasty meal.

  1. Your Baby Smiles at You

The first time your baby smiles at you is a precious moment. It is your child’s way of saying that he/she loves you.

  1. Your Baby Talks to You

When babies start their first coos are actually directed to the parents. Your baby will not talk to him/herself but to you. So make sure you answer back – talk about anything and enjoy the reactions. This will lay the foundations for conversations later on in life.

  1. Your Baby Wants You Around

About 6 months after birth, babies can clearly show their happiness and disapproval. You will notice that when you step out of a room, he/she cries or make a scrunched face. You will receive a smile when you get back – this is a sign of your child’s growing attachment to you.

  1. Your Baby Uses you as a Shield

When your baby meets someone new, you will notice that he/she buries his/her face in your chest. This is called stranger anxiety and a very normal phase that passes away with time. When your baby hides in your chest, it is a sign that your baby trusts you and finds safety in you.

  1. Your Baby Shares your Interests

Whatever you are doing, your baby will pay attention to it. Whether you are admiring the clouds or getting ready to do the dishes, your baby will pay attention to it as well. Although this behavior will become more pronounced after 9 months, it is your baby’s way of telling you that whatever you are doing, it is important.


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