5 Amazing Benefits of Bananas for Babies

amazing benefits of bananas for babies - 5 Amazing Benefits of Bananas for Babies

Bananas are one of the first solid foods that are introduced to babies. The reasons are many which make it a win for both the mommies and the babies. The health benefits are also numerous so they can be fed to babies without second thoughts. Here are the 5 amazing benefits of bananas for babies.

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To start with, bananas are a storehouse of energy which gives babies an instant boost of energy. The soft texture allows the babies to easily swallow and the sweet taste makes it a favorite for many.

  1. Instant Source of Energy

The high levels of energy stored in bananas can keep your baby active throughout the day. Bananas are also known as sports foods. The vitamin B6 and carbohydrates in bananas provide the energy that every baby needs to move around discovering their world.

  1. Improves Eyesight and Bones

Rich in potassium, bananas help in strengthening bones and improving the eyesight of babies. Potassium is the source of many health benefits like that of keeping the heart healthy and controlling blood pressure.

  1. Aids in Digestion

The water-soluble fiber in bananas called pectin is very helpful for the digestion of babies. This also helps in preventing gastrointestinal problems which many children face as they grow up. This is a great snack to carry around when you are traveling. This fiber-rich food helps break down the complex carbs in order to help your baby digest.

  1. Help in Increasing Brain Power

The potassium in bananas also helps to improve the concentration power of babies. The serotonin and norepinephrine in bananas help in lifting the moods and elevate depression. The antioxidants also help in preventing chronic diseases in babies.

  1. Helps in Preventing Anemia

More important nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid are also present in bananas. All these nutrients help in producing red blood cells and help prevent anemia in children as they grow up. The vitamin C also helps prevent urinary infections in babies.

So what are you waiting for? Include bananas in your baby’s diet on a regular basis so he/she can benefit from the numerous advantages if having this yummy food!


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