Mothers.PK is a digital platform for Pakistani parents to seek information, knowledge, socialize, consult (doctors/experts) and earn (blog writing), as well as to shop online.

The platform covers the basic needs of mothers (including fathers and the extend family); starting from the knowledge about conception to when a child becomes a toddler and going on to becoming a teenager; it aims to help the mothers in the day to day parenting issues that they are likely to encounter.

The likely issues for parents can be both pre as well as post-natal; managing their children’s needs: growth, health, medical conditions, diet, nutrition, learning, schooling, tuition’s, attire and uniforms,
socializing, playing, sports, mental development, disabilities and strengths; behavior, peer pressure and influences; dealing with grief, stress, bullying and abuse; availability, affordability quality products and services or issue therewith; as well as knowledge and awareness about savings towards future objectives. In short, every aspect that is important for parents

The platform allows opportunities for similarly placed parents to communicate with each other on specific issues; these are filtered down topic and sub-topic wise, as well as regions and cities within Pakistan; and for larger cities, where necessary, specific geographical areas within those cities (e.g., discussing a localized tuition center or a store). While some remaining more universal, applying all Pakistani parents irrespective of location.

Specialist guidance and advice is also available under most of the broad issues.
There is an
automatic archiving of all useful comments under topic wise FAQs.

Similarly, the online shop functions as a marketplace and has a variety of brands, which are readily available for the homemakers. Especially attractive for those living away from the main shopping centers.

Let’s explore every stage of parenting in a caring and loving way with us.